Looking for expert on Sudan

Greetings all, We have a client in removal proceedings with an upcoming merits hearing beginning of December. He’s in his 50s, Catholic from Juba and fled Sudan in the 90’s when he came to the U.S. as a refugee. He’s married to a USC and applying to adjust in proceedings. He has some criminal convictions related to alcohol consumption and we’re applying for a 212(h) waiver in the alternative. We would like to have an expert witness with regards to country conditions to demonstrate hardship. His USC wife has several complicated health conditions and he is her sole support. Does anyone have any suggestions (hopefully someone located in the East Coast)? Thank you in advance! Andrea Parra Practitioner-in-Residence Immigrant Justice Clinic American University – Washington College of Law [email protected] T. 202-274-4286 – Room Y-238 4300 Nebraska Ave NW, Washington D.C., 20016 – United States *Not admitted to practice in the District of Columbia. Admitted in New York and authorized to practice before federal agencies and courts in the District of Columbia pursuant to DC Court of Appeals Rule 49 (c)(2) and (3).

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