Submission of Agenda Items are only available to AILA-DC member attorneys. Please do not have non-member staff submit an agenda item. AILA-DC maintains committee liaisons who will receive your agenda item submissions with respect to general policy or procedural matters with respect to a particular local office.  When you click "Submit," your request is forwarded to the appropriate AILA-DC liaison committee member for review as an “Agenda Item” in advance of its next meeting with the DHS office.  The AILA-DC liaison committee member, under the oversight of an Executive Committee member, will review the agenda item and may reword, edit, or otherwise alter your submitted agenda item.  Also, the liaison committee member may exercise its discretion and decline to submit it as an “Agenda Item” if information already is available on the matter, if it has been asked and answered, or if it is deemed unsuitable, inappropriate, or materially deficient.  Members are reminded that all liaison committee members are volunteers who contribute their time, effort, and resources to the liaison program. Although there is never cause for abusive behavior toward one's colleagues, this is particularly true when seeking and/or receiving liaison assistance. 

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