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Liaison assistance is only available to AILA-DC member attorneys. Please do not have non-member staff complete the Liaison Assistance Form. If InfoPass fails to resolve an issue, AILA-DC maintains committee liaisons to assist to the extent possible, appropriate and practicable.  Requests for liaison assistance may only be made by the attorney whose name is on the G-28 associated with the matter.  Members are reminded that all liaison committee members are volunteers who contribute their time, effort, and resources to the liaison program. Although there is never cause for abusive behavior toward one's colleagues, this is particularly true when seeking and/or receiving liaison assistance. When you click "Submit," your request is forwarded to the appropriate AILA-DC liaison committee member for review. You will be notified by the AILA-DC liaison committee member if your request is not appropriate or "ripe" for liaison assistance. The AILA-DC liaison committee member will contact you directly if additional information is required and will notify you when the inquiry has been submitted to the appropriate office.   If there has been no response from the agency directly or by the AILA-DC liaison committee member within two weeks, please submit a second reminder request and it will be resubmitted, to be followed by escalation.

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