New Members Division

Below is a link to a list of new members who joined our Chapter in the past month. If any AILA DC Chapter member has an objection with regard to any of these new members, please email the Chapter Chair at [email protected] no later than the date stated next to each link. The Chair will vet any objections, and discuss the objection with the Chapters Executive Committee to determine any appropriate action. The objective standards for AILA membership are set forth in Article II, Sec. 1 of the AILA Bylaws as a guide. A full set of bylaws is in the front of your AILA Membership Directory or on under "About AILA" then "Governance and Policy".

Publish Date Link Objection Deadline
06/22/2016 New Members List 09/19/2016
06/08/2016 New Members List 09/03/2016